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Phantomizer's gameplay for Alien Swarm (PC)

Phantomizer played Alien Swarm

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Phantomizer said...
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Took me a while to setup, but i finally managed to host a game and my friend managed to join. Fun game so far, i had played it before and didn't like it much, bu this time around i'm really excited to play it, plays better then Alien Breed anyways :D
Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Overhead View Action
Release Date: 19/JUL/10
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it's quite easy to host, u just start a game from the game menu. that said, what setup have u gone through actually?
Well, i guess what i said was quite vague, hosting in the literal sense was pretty easy and straightforward. What i had problem with was that my friend could not join, so i had to fiddle around with my router and port forward the game so that my friend could join.
steam, actually, should have done that for u, automatically. i guess ur router is a bit on the troublesome side then. if u can, try turning upnp support on it, that should help for future gaming endeavors too, and it's generally helpful.
@goodone It's turned on, didn't help much.
how was he trying to join? did he use steam friend context menu, or ingame, or? ur xp is highly unique, almost nobody has connection problems...
@goodone in-game, i don't think he ever tried through the Steam friend's menu.
u should use context menu for joining each other games, it's much easier, or just send him an invite. in-game "friend's playing" feature doesn't work well behind routers at all.
@goodone I didn't know, i'll keep that in mind, thanks.
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