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Phantomizer's gameplay for The Binding Of Isaac (PC)

Phantomizer played The Binding Of Isaac

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Phantomizer said...
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Took me many, MANY tries but i finally beat the game today. According to the in-game statistics, i had 37 Deaths, 0 End Boss Kills (wtf? i killed it once already -_- ) and 78 Items along with 15/97 Secrets Found.

I had a lot of fun with this game and i can foresee a lot more fun with it in the coming weeks because there's a load of stuff to do, including the DLC. My only problem with this little gem is that it lags a lot, i googled for some fixes but it seems that there's little that can help short of a super processor and even then, that's no sure-fix.

I highly recommend this game to everyone, you don't like isometric top-down shooters you say? Screw that, still try it, $4.99 is a steal and there are some lite-RPG elements thrown in for the hell of it and the soundtrack is super awesome. There's no excuse not to try it, unless you're easily disgusted, then that i can understand.
The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding Of Isaac (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 28/SEP/11
60 minutes
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it takes a very long time to get to the real end boss of the game. every time you beat it you unlock the ability to go further. you also unlock new items and characters. Keep trying, you'll get there
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